Hello my feriends

Hello my feriens

I am Arash and I am from Iran

you know Iran is a very  beautiful country. I recommend you to travel to my country

my country's people are kind & hospitble if you travel to my country you enjoy my country's nature and seasides for example Chabahar seaside is one of the most beautiful seaside in the world and north of iran 's nature is so beautiful.it has big jangles and forests and nice sea sid. but seasides of south of iran is more beautiful and & more clear than seasides of north of iran.iran's history is very old about 5000 years ago.for example "Shahrehsookhteh"biuld in 5000 years ago. iran has many beayotiful cities for example yazd,esfehan,shiraz,tabriz,mashad,kish,....Perspolice is one of the bigest and oldest place in all of the world. I recommend you to see that place in shiraz there are many other placees to see in shiaz for example "Hamam vakil",Bazar vakil" "Hafezieh" &"saedieh" you shold see that beautiful city.ok my friends see you later


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